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Portable Storage Containers

With the growing popularity of portable storage units in the past years, Coastal Mobile Storage has become a preferred alternative to hiring a traditional moving truck. Our portable storage container service is a flexible and hands-off approach to storing your belongings and valuable items. Both residential and commercial customers find plenty of advantages using Coastal Mobile Storage compared to renting traditional moving trucks, trailers, and storage space.

Despite being portable, our mobile storage container services are designed to store the content of your entire home, office, or other commercial space. Read on to learn more about Coastal Mobile Storage, and discover how our portable storage container solutions can help you during your next move.

Why Rent Portable Storage Units?

Most people use portable storage to move to a new home or relocate to a new office space. However, portable storage is also helpful to those looking to declutter their space by organizing items and storing them in a facility. Having extra moving storage space is vital to declutter your space, and portable storage provides enough protection over your belongings during a home renovation when large sums of cash are already being spent on the remodel. Contractors also find portable storage solutions effective, as they can benefit from storing their materials in a portable moving container between office locations. When they’re ready to move into a new space, they can have the moving container delivered to their new space.

There are plenty of portable storage solutions used to suit your specific needs. When choosing the best portable storage solution, create a list of your entire inventory that you plan to store. Be sure to include the size, weight, and how long each item will stay in the moving container. There are two primary sizes that Coastal Mobile Storage containers come in – 16-foot and 20-foot options. Choosing the best moving and storage unit will save you time and money, increasing your value.

Coastal Mobile Storage Unit

What is Portable Storage?

Portable storage uses pods or containers for temporary storage and transportation to a storage facility or new home/office location. A portable storage unit is typically used by individuals who need flexible time when packing up their belongings or need extra moving and storage space. Many contractors will use portable storage containers to manage their equipment inventory between job sites.

Once a portable storage container is packed, our clients can call Coastal Mobile Storage and have their container delivered to a requested location. Our clients are typically responsible for loading and unloading their belongings. However, Coastal Mobile Storage has excellent relationships with many moving companies across the Southeastern North Carolina area. Although we are responsible for delivering the container to your destination, these additional services can make the moving process a breeze.

Our containers are perfect for a semi-permanent moving and storage solution, as we rent to our customers every month. Both container units are flexible and easy to work with. Large and small units can be placed at ground level and lifted onto our trailer keeping the container level at all times with incredible ease.

Coastal Mobile Storage Unit

Portable Storage Container Considerations

When determining if our services are best suited for your storage needs, be sure to take a few considerations into place. Portable storage unit rentals depend on your inventory, wants, and storage needs. What is beneficial for homeowners may not be necessary – or even disadvantageous – for contractors. There are several essential things to consider before renting a portable storage container from Coastal Mobile Storage.

Container Size
Our portable storage containers come in two different sizes. We offer containers that come in 16-foot and 20-foot sizes. Both containers are ideally suited for home renovation use and industrial purposes for contractors and moving offices.

Like regular moving trucks, our transportation trailers are dedicated to gentle loading and avoiding accidental damage to valuable items. Using the right size and packing materials and moving boxes is vital to making the moving process as smooth as possible.

Delivery and Rental Agreements
Our customers should understand their entire financial obligation to Coastal Mobile Storage before renting a portable storage container. Pricing information about storage, pickup, and delivery can be found by requesting a quote or contacting a customer service representative. Do not hesitate to call for more details.

Additional Circumstances
One of the most significant advantages of using a portable storage container is having the unit delivered on demand. Although uncommon, unpredictable events like weather changes can disrupt the transportation and storage process. It is recommended that you rent with Coastal Mobile Storage, as are the best at protecting your belongings against the elements and other outside circumstances.

If you plan on transporting items sensitive to humidity, heat, or cold weather, Coastal Mobile Storage is here to help. Coastal Mobile Storage uses state-of-the-art technology in every portable container, making our portable solutions years ahead of our competition. Our containers are also waterproof, sealing out water intrusions during the packing process.

Each customer has concerns about their storage container being left outside for pests to invade. Typical storage containers are vulnerable to insects and rodents when left outside for prolonged periods. Fortunately, storage containers from Coastal Mobile Storage are sealed to protect even the tiniest inhabitants from invading your belongings. Pests, rodents, and insects are no match for your portable storage containers.

Moving Containers from Coastal Mobile Storage in WIlmington, NC

Be Aware of the Warning Signs

A portable storage company can be compared to traditional storage facility use in many ways. When storing their belongings in our portable storage containers, our customers’ concerns are very similar to those of conventional storage facilities. Fortunately, our company inspects our storage units for flaws before sending them to your location. As a reputable portable storage unit and moving company, we address all of the following concerns our customers have before renting a portable storage container.

Rusty containers are significant issues waiting to cause damage. Severe corrosion can be damaging to your belongings. Our customers may not understand that spotting rust and container damage requires more than the look of an eye. Fortunately, Coastal Mobile Storage believes that saving money and painting over rusty areas is unacceptable. Our portable storage containers are maintained to avoid rust at all costs.

Proper Unit Sizing
Although container selection will vary between Coastal Mobile Storage and our competition, the sizes of our units are relatively standard. Our measurements are listed on our site and promotion materials. We provide standard and listed portable storage unit sizes with no extra charge to downsizing.

Problematic Doors
Like rust, problematic doors can lead to the loss of valuable belongings. Container security is our top priority at Coastal Mobile Storage, which is why our steel container doors never fail to lock. Valuables are often an easy target for theft, which is why our containers are never left unsecured during transport. Always keep your items secure. The best way to keep them secure is with Coastal Mobile Storage containers.

Rent from Coastal Mobile Storage Today

Coastal Mobile Storage operates efficiently with our world-class customer service and storage solutions. Our services are simple, flexible, and come at an affordable cost. People who are used to regular moving trucks may find themselves overwhelmed by how difficult the process has become. The flexibility and advantages of mobile storage can help them keep peace of mind by spending less money on a better storage solution. Getting the proper access to mobile storage containers can help streamline an excellent process.

Coastal Mobile Storage provides an in-depth walkthrough of our services, the benefits, and a cost breakdown to help you discover the ways Coastal Mobile Storage can help.

Coastal Mobile Storage is your flexible and affordable storage solution.
Let us bring the storage to you! We offer great pricing on mobile storage containers. Pack at your own pace, store it on your property, our warehouse, or we can move it to your new house.

Why rent from Coastal Mobile Storage? The advantages over other companies are clear:

  • Pack at your own pace. Our secure containers are available in 30-day intervals at your property!
  • Convenience, flexibility. There is no need to drive stuff across town to a storage unit or deal with renting trucks for your move. We deliver the container to your property, pick it up and move it to its destination, and then come and get it when you’re done unpacking. Coastal Mobile Storage is great for college graduates and new college students moving into their new homes.
  • Affordable price. With our simple 30 days rentals and inexpensive pickup, delivery, and drop-off fees, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your local move in Southeastern North Carolina. The rental price is determined upon the client’s quote.
  • No need to load and unload multiple times during a long-distance or local move
  • Store as long as you like.
  • Secure, all-steel containers

How it works.

Rent the size of the mobile storage container you’d like delivered to your property and order any packing supplies. We’ll provide your steel, secured container with any packing supplies you may order. Request a quote today to find prices that work for you.

With Coastal Mobile Storage, you pay for the use of the container in 30-day increments. Thus, you can take your time packing when it’s most convenient for you and your family.

Once you’re ready to move, give us a call to schedule the delivery. We’ll pick up the container at your home or business and move it to the new location. If you need to store the container off-site, you can take advantage of our warehouse storage location in Leland.

You can unpack your container at your own pace and call us whenever the container is empty and ready for pick up.
Streamline Your Move with Coastal Mobile Storage
Considering moving to a new space in the Southeastern North Carolina area? At Coastal Mobile Storage, we can help streamline your moving process. Our service is here to help you clear clutter from your home to make sure that you can successfully show and sell your home. Our flexible options give you plenty of time to pack at your own pace and convenience. Our mobile storage unit service is an excellent solution for your next move.

Plus, we offer packing supplies delivered right to your door!

Call us today for a free quote on your storage and packaging needs – (910) 262-7825.


How much does portable storage cost?
Depending on your needs, pricing will vary. Be sure to read our terms, and feel free to contact us to request a quote. Many storage companies charge a flat rate but have additional surcharges that aren’t quoted from the beginning. Fortunately, Coastal Mobile Storage is honest and transparent in our pricing. To ensure financial flexibility, read our terms to see if a month-to-month rental is the best option for you.
What size containers does Coastal Mobile Storage offer?
Container sizes vary from moving company to moving company. Coastal Mobile Storage offers two container sizes – 16-foot and 20-foot options. Contact a customer service representative today to discover which option is best for your needs. We can help you by making a helpful recommendation tailored to your use case.
Where can storage units be located?
Our mobile storage containers are typically placed in the driveway or a front yard. If these common locations will complicate things, call Coastal Mobile Storage and ask about alternative storage container placement options. For example, many businesses rent from Coastal Mobile Storage to place their mobile containers separately from their employee parking spaces.
What are the containers made from?
Unlike other companies, our high-quality mobile storage containers are made from weather-resistant steel. Our containers are perfect for those who fear water damage because each container keeps water from leaking into your valuables.
Do the storage containers lock?
All of our steel storage containers can lock. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our storage facility security measures.



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