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Coastal Mobile Storage Unit

Mobile Self Storage Units

Coastal Mobile Storage units take the stress out of storage with great pricing on mobile storage units. Our locally owned and operated business in Wilmington, North Carolina offers convenient storage units for personal and commercial use.

Coastal Mobile Storage knows how to meet the challenge of increasing storage space. Our expert storage units provide you the additional space needed wherever, whenever.

Self Storage – Safe And Secure Self Storage Facility

Using a safe and secure mobile storage unit from Coastal Mobile Storage provides many benefits that our competition cannot match. There are plenty of advantages to using a portable storage container than a traditional self-storage facility.

With mobile storage units, you can safely add items to a container at your own pace. Reserve a unit, and Coastal Mobile Storage will bring the container straight to your door. Take your time, and pack according to your needs. Since container use is paid in 30-day increments, there is no rush getting your packing completed. Schedule your move when it’s most convenient for you.

When you choose Coastal Mobile Storage, you can transfer all of your items into the container after being dropped off at your home. Then, Coastal Mobile Storage moves your container to your desired site to be unpacked. The different sizes of mobile storage containers available provide you with access to simple packing solutions. Each portable storage container comes in 16’ and 20’ options to accommodate plenty of belongings.

Our high-quality interior storage containers protect against rust, allowing your valuables to breathe. Keeping your belongings safe and free from mold, mildew, and harm is our priority. Each container is heavily regulated to ensure maximum protection for your valuable items.

Moving Containers from Coastal Mobile Storage in WIlmington, NC

A Ready-to-use Self Storage Solution

Coastal Mobile Storage mobile containers are used in various storage moving services. Mobile containers can be used for home renovations when homeowners need a space to put their furniture while a complete renovation is in process. Portable storage containers are also great for college students moving for the first time. Teachers may find that mobile storage moving is perfect for transitioning between schools over the summer. Coastal Mobile Storage is an ideal option for storing your valuable items no matter the need.

At Coastal Mobile Storage, we provide anyone the opportunity to load items on their own time, eliminating any worry associated with rushed moving or fear of incurring late fees. The process is made simple and safe for you. With Coastal Mobile Storage, painless moving opportunities are endless.

Other everyday use cases for portable storage containers include:

  • Long-term storage
  • On-site storage
  • Off-site storage
  • Seasonal storage
  • Temporary storage
  • Residential storage
  • Business storage
  • College storage

Why Choose Our Self Storage?

If you seek to add additional space into your home, choose Coastal Mobile Storage to help. We provide expert mobile storage solutions to those looking to store items from one home to another. If storage is only needed on a short-term basis, our portable storage solutions provide great options for temporary storage that offer you the space required for easy moving. Coastal Mobile Storage is perfect for seasonal storage, as our solutions allow you to free up your home for all of your seasonal decorations and furniture. Our solutions are incredibly convenient, providing mobile storage containers straight to your door. Choose Coastal Mobile Storage to help with all of your storage needs.

Coastal Mobile Storage recognizes that everyone moves at their own pace. It is often seen that there is a feeling of stress that many undergo when moving their belongings into storage. Most of the stress results from working under a tight schedule since time constraints require you to work before a moving truck needs to be returned by the end of the day. With Coastal Mobile Storage, your storage unit is delivered, letting you pack at your own pace. When we pick up your storage unit to deliver to your moving destination, there is no pressure or stress. Coastal Mobile Storage containers are easy moving solutions that work. Additionally, our storage containers are safe, secure, and easy to use. We secure your items to ensure that nothing is damaged in the container.

Coastal Mobile Storage Unit

Affordable Self Storage Solutions

Rather than quoting you with a random price for portable moving and storage containers that you might not fully utilize, we provide you with low prices that competitors cannot match. Additionally, we offer two different portable moving and storage container sizes and charge rates for solutions, including:

  • 30 Day Container Rental. Rates are based on the convenience of packing at your own pace. A 30-day rental is perfect for those that need a stress-free move.
  • Weekly Container Rental. Weekly rental storing options are great for individuals who know they will not utilize the entire container space or only need a couple of days to pack and move their belongings.

Our service is fair, upfront, and better than the competition. With Coastal Mobile Storage, you’ll never have to question how much you will pay for your mobile storage container. Our service makes sure each customer will never jump through hoops to get an accurate storage container quote.

Before your storage containers are delivered, we make sure you know precisely what storage solutions are best suited for you. We provide you with detailed quotes that outline the rates and fees of the storage container you need. Coastal Mobile Storage wants you to have a positive storage experience, which is why we make intelligent choices about how our service options are provided to customers.

If you would like to get started with Coastal Mobile Storage as your portable storage provider, give us a call today. Our certified storage experts are here to answer all of your questions while providing any additional information needed. Get a quote for a mobile container from Coastal Mobile Storage today.

How To Store with Coastal Mobile Storage

For years, Coastal Mobile Storage has reinvented and perfected the mobile storage industry. Mobile storage containers are a great alternative to conventional storage methods, as they take the stress out of packing. Storing with a Coastal Mobile Storage container is perfect for:

  • Renovations. Those who have home renovation projects coming up should look no further than Coastal Mobile Storage to help keep things out of the way. Our storage solutions are located right at home and are accessible 24/7.
  • Moving. Do you plan on storing items as you move? Coastal Mobile Storage is perfect for moving containers from your current address to your new home site. All you need to do is load and unload on your time. There is no rush, as there are no time limits for storage with Coastal Mobile Storage.
  • Home Extensions. Adding a little extra room to your home sounds like a daunting process. Fortunately, the storage process is made simple with Coastal Mobile Storage. Whether you need a new garage or extra porch space, Coastal Mobile Storage is here to simplify the process.
  • Organization. Need a little help cleaning up some personal storage? Our mobile storage solutions are here to help. Mobile storage units can help you clear up space you need to keep your home completely organized while transitioning during new milestones. Whether you’re getting ready for an estate sale or gearing up for a family member move-in, Coastal Mobile Storage has you covered.
Moving Day Box

Why Self Storage from Coastal Mobile Storage?

Coastal Mobile Storage is the premium mobile storage solution in the greater Wilmington, NC areas. Our solutions provide customers with the ability to pack with virtually zero rush by using solutions including:

  • Convenience. Pack your items entirely at your own pace. Each storage unit is available in 30-day intervals, delivered to your property.
  • Flexibility. There is no need to drive across town to a storage unit or deal with renting trucks for your move. Coastal Mobile Storage delivers the container straight to your home, picks it up with a moving trailer, and moves it to its destination. We come and pick it up with a trailer when you’re all done.
  • Affordability. Our simple 30-day rentals and inexpensive pick-up, delivery, and drop-off fees help you save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your local move in Southeastern North Carolina.

With Coastal Mobile Storage, there is no need to load and unload multiple times, as you can store your items in our all-steel containers as much as you need.


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