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Streamline Your Move with Us

Your local choice in mobile storage and packing supplies

Considering a move? At Coastal Mobile Storage we can help streamline the process. From clearing clutter from a house you are trying to sell to giving you an outlet to pack over time at your convenience, our mobile storage units may be a great solution. Plus, we offer packing supplies delivered right to your door!

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  • Pack at your own pace. Our containers are available in 30 day intervals at your property!
  • Convenience, flexibility. There is no need to drive stuff across town to a storage unit or deal with renting trailers for your move. We deliver the container to your property, pick it up and move it to its destination, and then come and get it when you’re done unpacking.
  • Affordable cost. With our simple 30 days rentals and inexpensive pick-up, delivery, and drop off fees, you can save hundreds or thousands of dollars on your local move in Southeastern North Carolina. Our affordable price outmatches what any other company offers.
  • Local, no need to deal with a national call center. Deal with us locally. Locally owned and operated
  • Two container sizes to choose from – 16′ and 20′ Steel Containers
  • Only 20’ container in its class locally, holds up to 5-6 rooms furniture
  • 16’ holds up to 3-4 rooms of furniture
  • No need to load and unload multiple times
  • Concerned about heat and humidity affecting your valuables? We offer monthly indoor storage in our warehouse in Leland.
  • Store as long as you like.
  • Secure, all-steel containers
  • Our delivery system can place containers where others cannot

How Our Mobile Containers Work

Do you need the flexibility and timing of moving while not worrying about long-distance moves with your goods? Coastal Mobile Storage has the solution for you. We bring your mobile storage container directly to your property. We also provide moving assistance for those who need to make their move a bit easier to handle.

Rent your mobile self storage unit for as long as you need. When you are ready to pack and ship everything to your new home, Coastal Mobile Storage will take your storage container across town to your new home. All of our containers are sealed with steel doors to prevent damage and theft. Your belongings are delivered by moving trailers that can be trusted to drive your belongings during safe shipping.

The best part about using on-site storage containers from Coastal Mobile Storage for a renovation or construction project is that you have space, flexibility, control, and pricing to create the best portable moving and storage plan. We send you the on-site storage container to your home for as long as you need your items to be stored. We give you plenty of opportunity and space to plan every step of the process, ensuring that it works best for you and your family. If plans begin to change, we make sure that you are cared for with the best customer service in the country.

Step One: Rent the portable storage container
Our company’s portable units come in both 20 foot and 16-foot size container storage options, making them the perfect container size and space to store all of your necessary belongings before you get started with a renovation project. We’ll deliver your steel container with any packing supplies you order such as a packing box.

Step two: Pack items
Coastal Mobile Storage provides you the flexibility needed to pack your items on your terms. Whether you need easy and secure storage just a few feet away or you want to take your time loading stored articles, Coastal Mobile Storage provides the flexibility to make it happen.

Step Three: Store your belongings
Coastal Mobile Storage trailers can pick up the container with your items and bring it to a local moving and storage center. This way, your things stay safe and secure while remaining easily accessible whenever you need your belongings again.

Step Four: Deliver to your new home
Do you plan to move? We help deliver storage units to new homes that rent with Coastal Mobile Storage. Do not fret; your delivered items are always safe in transit. When storage containers are delivered, you will be notified for immediate access.

Packing tape
Moving Containers from Coastal Mobile Storage in WIlmington, NC

Discover Mobile Moving Containers from Coastal Mobile Storage

Whether you plan to move across town or around the greater Southeastern North Carolina area, Coastal Mobile Storage is here to help. We make the moving, storing, and packing process hassle-free by delivering a steel storage container to your home whenever you need. The convenience of packing your belongings on your time is an unmatched full service that other moving container companies cannot provide.

Let Coastal Mobile Storage make your move as easy as possible by eliminating the need for a large trailer or multiple trips in the car. We deliver your container straight to you, and will even ship your container and its belongings to your new home destination. We carry and deliver your storage container when it’s most convenient for you. Whether you’re moving into a 1 bedroom apartment, 1 bedroom home or condo, Coastal Mobile Storage is here to help.

Wanting to get started? Call us at (910) 262-7825 or request a quote from Coastal Mobile Storage in Southeastern North Carolina. At Coastal Mobile Storage, our mission is to bring the storage to you!

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