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Coastal Mobile Storage Unit

On-Site Storage Containers

Discover our high-quality solution for on-site storage. At Coastal Mobile Storage, our mission is to provide on-site storage for your home wherever and whenever you need it most. Our selection of incredible portable storage containers is perfected for residential homes. Our 16′ and 20′ on-site residential storage containers are perfect for those who need to create a little more space as they store their personal belongings.

We understand how complex home renovations can be. Don’t get stressed. Contact Coastal Mobile Storage to find the best on-site storage solutions. On-site portable storage solutions from Coastal Mobile Storage can help calm the difficulties encountered when renovating and rebuilding your home. If a home renovation project is in the near future, portable storage solutions help solve many unforeseen problems.

Our on-site storage containers are big enough to hold furniture, building materials, office equipment, appliances, and essential possessions. Residential on-site storage solutions from Coastal Mobile Storage can help you complete renovation and moving projects with ease.

Moving Containers from Coastal Mobile Storage in WIlmington, NC

Coastal Mobile Storage On-Site Storage Container Rental

At Coastal Mobile, our selection of high-quality and durable on-site storage containers come in both 20′ and 16′ sizes to maximize customizability. Each Coastal Mobile Storage on-site container unit is ideal for storing items including:

  • Household items
  • Construction Equipment
  • Business and Office Equipment
  • Long-term item storage

Are you running out of space to store your overflow of home materials? Maybe you need office materials to be relocated. Whatever the use case, Coastal Mobile Storage can help. Our on-site storage container rental is convenient and easily accessible in your yard or driveway.

Give us a call today to discover how we can help you during your next renovation or construction project. We’ve helped the great North Carolina area for years, earning the best reputation in the industry for world-class customer service. Our on-site storage containers are perfect for residents, as they are always maintained and engineered to provide the best protection for your stored items.

How Our On-Site Storage Works

The best part about using on-site storage containers from Coastal Mobile Storage for a renovation or construction project is that you have space, flexibility, and control to create the best moving and storage plan. We send you the on-site storage container to your home for as long as you need your items to be stored. We give you plenty of opportunity and space to plan every step of the process, ensuring that it works best for you and your family. If plans begin to change, we make sure that you are cared for with world-class customer service.

Rent the container & load your items
Choose the type of on-site storage container you’ll need, and we’ll send it on your desired delivery date. Our storage containers come in both 20 foot and 16-foot options, making them the perfect size and space to store all of your necessary belongings before you get started with a renovation project. We’ll deliver your steel container with any packing supplies you order.

Take as long as you need to load your items into the storage space. If you need assistance, the Coastal Mobile Storage team can assist with moving and storage. You may also seek other packaging and loading companies for help.

Keep it
Coastal Mobile Storage provides you the flexibility needed to pack your items on your terms. Whether you need easy and secure storage just a few feet away or you want to take your time loading stored articles, Coastal Mobile Storage provides the flexibility to make it happen.

With Coastal Mobile Storage, you pay for the use of the container in 30-day increments. Therefore, you can take your time packing when it’s most convenient for you and your family.

Store it
If you need temporary storage, a Coastal Mobile Storage trailer can pick up the container with your items and bring it to our warehouse. This way, your things stay safe and secure while remaining easily accessible whenever you need your belongings again.

Storage Shipping
Do you plan to move? We help deliver storage units to new homes that rent with Coastal Mobile Storage. We’ll provide the container to your new home across the great North Carolina area. We update our customers when the containers are in transit and delivered to the new destination. Do not fret; your delivered items are always safe in transit. When storage containers are delivered, you will be notified for immediate access.

Coastal Mobile Storage Unit
Mobile Storage Units in Wilmington, NC

How Do On-Site Portable Storage Containers Help You?

On-site storage container units keep your most valuable items safe, protected, and secure, so you can focus on the other difficulties in moving. Our portable storage units come at an affordable price and use reliable solutions to meet all of your storage needs. With quick delivery services and world-class customer service, Coastal Mobile Storage provides a full-fledged team of support by your side.

Our expert team specializes in residential and commercial storage container delivery to be used in situations from assessing storage needs to delivering and picking up full containers to new sites using a transferring trailer. We work with business contractors who need to store equipment for residential homeowners looking to store their belongings during a renovation easily. Because of this, Coastal Mobile Storage lets you store your belongings on your terms. If you need your items transferred, let us know. We’ll get a trailer to move them to a new site.

When you choose a traditional storage facility, you have to travel to access your materials and belongings. This may create a hurdle when taking things in and out of your storage unit as you need them. On-site storage container units from Coastal Mobile Storage lets you decide where to place the storage unit on your property, making it easy to access your belongings. Most customers choose to keep their storage unit in a driveway or easily accessible spot on their property. This way, they have hassle-free, 24-hour access to their items whenever they need them.

On-site storage containers are portable, making them simple to transfer to new locations. Our ability to provide portability is what sets us apart from the competition. Being able to quickly move your storage container during a move or renovation to a new residential home is perfect for nearly anyone.

When it comes to valuable items, office equipment, possessions, and materials, there is no such thing as being “too secure.” Coastal Mobile Storage utilizes world-class locking systems to prevent any damage or items from being stolen. Whether you use our on-site storage containers for residential or commercial purposes, you can rest assured knowing that your belongings will always be safe and secure. All of our storage containers are built using steel to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Our products offer storage solutions that outlast anything thrown their way.

Everyone knows that storage is not a one-size-fits-all option. That’s why our 20′ containers and containers that are smaller (16 feet) provide something different for every residential homeowner. With our storage solution, we can successfully adapt to your needs.

Why Choose Coastal Mobile Storage?

For homeowners, life can change in the blink of an eye. Coastal Mobile Storage deploys on-site storage to homeowners across North Carolina, providing exceptional customer service and storage solutions to meet our clients’ changing needs. Although storage may not be the first thing that comes to mind when considering new projects, Coastal Mobile Storage is here to help.

Our team believes that storage is an essential service to homeowners and business contractors worldwide. Today, our commitment to providing simple, high-quality portable storage units at times when they’re needed most is unmatched by our competition. We have developed substantial expertise in delivering the best storage solutions to those who need them in the North Carolina area. Our quick response times combined with high records of safe, hassle-free delivery has positioned Coastal Mobile Storage as one of the most trusted and valued storage solutions providers in the area.

Customer satisfaction and safety are at the forefront of our mission. We dedicate ourselves to gaining the trust and respect of business contractors and residential homeowners alike. We build the trail in excellent services and high-quality storage solutions using our world-class customer service initiatives. Our reputation speaks for itself.

Those who choose Coastal Mobile Storage for on-site storage solutions will enjoy the support and attention they deserve throughout their storage unit rental process. Contact us to get an affordable price on storage units today.

Coastal Mobile Storage Unit

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